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A birth story 

A birth story is the photographic tale of your labor and delivery
experience, from contractions and ice chips to snuggling with
your new baby bug in your arms. Your story will be beautiful, it
will be unique, it will change your life, and it deserves
to be documented and remembered exquisitely.
Like many important and impactful events in life, the birth of
your child is a whirlwind of people, moments, and emotions.
Having me there to capture this life-changing event allows
you to focus on you, baby, and family without stress or worry
over a detail being forgotten or a photo opportunity being missed.

Unlike a typical portrait session, there is no direction on my part
while taking photos. I simply observe and photograph the story
and emotions surrounding you, from details of the room you are
staying in to your husband’s hand grasping your shoulder in
reassurance. I am careful to photograph from angles that are
pleasing and flattering as well as tasteful and modest in
composition and content.

 I’ll keep tabs on you and baby’s progress during the weeks
leading up to the big day— when baby is ready, I am, too!
After the ‘It’s time!’ call or text, I will drop everything and
anything to meet you at the hospital or your home and begin
working to capture your great event. I’ll stay as long as it takes
to capture your very first family portraits with the newest little
one. (5 a.m.? 17-hour delivery? Emergency C-section? I’m
there, regardless.)

Q & A  

When do you arrive at the hospital/home/birth center?
I like to try and arrive at the hospital when you are dilated to
a 6-7 (natural labor); 7-8 (epidural). That being said every labor and delivery is different
and so deciding on when I should arrive is something we will
discuss in our consultation.
Are hospitals and Drs. ok with you in the hospital room?
It is important to ask the Dr. and facility what their policy is on
a photographer being present. I have never had a problem
with any hospital staff member not being ok with me being
What if you don’t get there in time?
Sometimes labors happen quickly and VERY quickly. My clients do a great job at informing me when their contractions start (even if they are days before the real thing) and what is going on throughout the process and because of this I am able to get to the birth on time. I am always safer than sorry and like to be on location hours before your baby is born. If I am notified once you start labor and am updated throughout early labor and I do not make it at no fault of yours, you will receive a full refund of any monies paid to that date. In the case that you do experience a rapid birth, you can choose two options if I miss the birth completely. (Option 1: FIRST HOURS — I can still come as soon as possible and begin photographing those first moments after baby has arrived and stay for an extended post-delivery session photographing the first hours of your baby’s life. ($300))  (Option 2: NEWBORN LIFESTYLE SESSION– I can arrive at the hospital to photograph sometime between the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life- for a newborn lifestyle session ($300). These after-birth sessions would be me documenting those new and exciting times together with your baby as a family. Capturing those quiet moments of bonding between you and your little one is just as special as capturing the labor and birth. You can choose a full refund or I can refund the remaining balance if you choose (Option 1 or 2). Or you can choose for it to be used as credit toward future sessions (Classic Newborn or Milestone Sessions) or products.
What if I end up having an emergency C-section?
Every hospital and Dr.has their own policies about letting
photographers into the operating room. If this is a big concern
for you I urge you to discuss this with your healthcare provider.
The actual birth of your child comprises a small portion of the entire
story, and even stories where I am not allowed into the operating room
are compelling and emotional. Either way, it is all part of your child’s story,
and it is an important story.
What if I end up having to have a scheduled C-section?
I do allow those who discover they need to have a scheduled
C-section the option of a refund, if I am notified within 1 week
of the delivery date. That being said, in this case it is far more
likely you will be able to get approval for a photographer to
be present in the operating room, as you will know the facility,
Dr., and anesthesiologist working at the time. More
importantly, just because you are having a scheduled C-section doesn’t
mean there is no longer a story to be told.
When my labor starts, when should I call?
Immediately! You can call or text me to give me a heads up.
This allows me to make sure I can get childcare to my home for my children
and tie up anything I am in the middle of.
What happens if I go into labor at 2am?
My phone is on and on me all day and all night. Call me, that
is what you have hired me for. (I can even give you my
husbands cell … just in case.)
Even if the contractions are mild, by giving me the notice
it helps to ensure I will make it in sufficient time.
Do you interact during the birth session?
Yes and no. It is completely up to the mom in labor.
I can be completely quiet and not utter a word
or we can have conversation between contractions!
It’s totally up to you!
Will my images be in black and white or color?
Typically most of the birth images are edited in black and white.
Occasionally there are a few shots that I will edit in color.
What if I go into labor weeks before or after my due date?
I commit to being available 2 weeks before, and 2 weeks after
your expected due date. Depending on my schedule and
vacation time–I will communicate my plans in advance.
I’m (or more than likely your husband) is nervous about having
someone he doesn’t know in the room with us. How can I
convince him you won’t be intrusive?
I am more than happy to sit down for coffee with both you
and your husband to discuss your wishes and concerns. I do
understand that not everyone wants a photographer to be
present at this intimate and private experience. Let’s sit down
and chat, maybe you are that person, maybe you aren’t and
just need to make sure we mesh. I find that this can ease many people
and their concerns when they realize how easy going and unobtrusive I am.
Do the images from my birth have to be blogged, added to
Wild Blossom Photography’s Facebook page I’d like to keep
them private?
Many people like to keep their stories private, and that is
completely ok with me. Please discuss this with me prior to
signing the contract and putting down your deposit. I have in
the past created a private album on Facebook and asked
client’s to “like” the images they wouldn’t mind being public
for marketing for my business.


• labor to 45 min post delivery

• This session includes unposed, candid images

• between 100-300 edited high resolution digital images

• Includes print release + link to instant download of images

 package collection: email me for pricing 

Want photos of your experience after your labor? Check out the Newborn Lifestyle Collection below…


{Newborn Lifestyle Collection} 

This newborn collection package takes place within the first 48 hours of your baby’s life,  located in the place of birth (hospital, home birth, etc.). It’s me documenting those new and exciting times together as a family. From first feedings, to diaper changes, siblings meeting for the first time. Capturing those quiet moments of bonding between you and your new little one. I allow the session to unfold naturally which yields images full of raw, genuine emotion. These sessions are shot during the day using natural light and is mostly unposed and photojournalistic creating a sense of undisturbed observance. These types of sessions are not a traditional newborn session; I will not pose the baby or bring props. It’s simply natural, organic, and candid.


• 1 hour session

• This session includes unposed, prop free lifestyle images

• Baby in their place of birth

• edited, high resolution digital images

• Includes print release + link to instant download of images

package collection $350

$325 if booked with a Maternity Session

I hope this gives you some insight into a birth story and newborn lifestyle collection. 
 If you have more questions, please email me and
I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!